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“Shopisight” by Devise Math Solutions

cloud based e-commerce analytics software

Why cloud is much more than “Storage” – Devise Math Solutions

Cloud Technologies offer a nimble, cost effective and scalable way to accelerate new capabilities. Apart from ensuring a clean, fast way to store data, cloud services also bundle up Big Data, APIs, AI/ ML and developer tools that help interpret and harness the data stored.  In Retail industry, cloud can enable the following 1.      Pricing…
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Why e-commerce data should be on cloud – by Devise Math Solutions

need for cloud platform for e-commerce businesses

Need for Analytics on Cloud – by Devise Math Solutions

“Organizations across industries rely on data on cloud to accelerate a wide variety of data, analytics and digital transformation use cases.” Overview Data on cloud is the foundation for cloud analytics and artificial intelligence. Data collection strategy on cloud helps you create a centralised repository- we secure data from various sources, store any type or…
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