Customer Analytics


We analyze customer behavior to build better strategies for your business using descriptive, inquisitive and predictive analytics with machine learning techniques by leveraging data from different sources such as transaction, demographic, social media, survey and more.

Customer Analytics will determine

  • Potential customers to target for campaigns
  • At-risk customers who are likely to leave you
  • Strategies at the customer and customer segment levels to improve overall customer experience
  • Predictions of customers' most likely future behavior
  • Improvements to customer services
  • Ideal customer/product/market fit

Case Studies

Combination Devise Math Marketing Case Study

Measured Promotions and built a campaign strategy for a membership based retailer which helped improve campaign effectiveness and customer loyalty resulting in an increase in ROI and significant improvement in revenue

Comprehensive study of existing promotion and development of customer segmentation with our predictive modeling helped to improve promotional tactics by prioritizing customers delivering relevant recommendations

Next Steps

We are here to provide you with more information, and to answer any questions you may have to help us create effective solutions for your business needs