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Need for Analytics on Cloud – by Devise Math Solutions

“Organizations across industries rely on data on cloud to accelerate a wide variety of data, analytics and digital transformation use cases.”


Data on cloud is the foundation for cloud analytics and artificial intelligence. Data collection strategy on cloud helps you create a centralised repository- we secure data from various sources, store any type or volume of data and process structured, semistructured, and unstructured data. It helps us create a data lake to store data in its native format.


Need for data on the cloud ?

Ease of data acquisition process. 

One stop storage for different types of data.

Efficient data management & governance. 

Handle large volumes of big data.

Enables Real time analytics. 

Reduced cost of ownership.

Auto scales as you grow.

Use Cases

Use Case



Data Infrastructure on CLoud for accelerating Analytics & ML for a B2B Furniture Retailer

We used Google Cloud platform to create a data lake to consolidate sales data from woocommerce , Website traffic – google analytics, campaign data – Google Ads  & Facebook Ads & Sales pipeline – Salesforce data.

  • Correlated and contextual insights on Sales, Inventory, Products and Ad Campaigns performance. 
  • Data Readily available for ML

  • Multiple reports & dashboards on for decisions making

Increase on Marketing ROI & Return on Ads Spent

  • Data Lake configuration on Google Cloud Platform.

  • Correlation analysis and dashboards of sales, campaign performance and traffic data.

  • Increased sales and traffic to the website.

  • Analytics Solution for Marketing team.

Real-time streaming data collection & analytics

Collection of Use/Customer Activity data for personalising customer experience.

  • Sales funnel analysis and website efficiency converting visitors to sales. 

  • Product recommendation.

  • Cart abandonment at a visitor level. 

  • Traffic analysis at a visitor level.

Data migration to Google Cloud Platform for free – contact us Now!

We can set up Google Cloud Platform for free to enable your cloud analytics journey.

If you are on Shopify or Woocommerce we will be able to set up free Google cloud platform to collect Customers, Orders and Products data.

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