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Fashion Analytics – Internship Program for Fashion Professionals

Predict trends based on
consumers data, marketing plans, sales along with market research, pop culture trends and knowledge of the fashion industry

Devise Math Solutions has partnered with Design Wolf Studio, a premier
omni-channel technology platform for a program on Fashion analytics – integrating analytics technology into the business of fashion.

Internship – A 12 week window to experience the Product Development Life cycle.

“Generating Innovation in fashion” –  in partnership with Design Wolf Studio

Mastery in fashion design, buying & merchandising and digital marketing.

Harness 9 steps to build the practice of generative innovation in fashion.


Fashion Analyst
Fashion Professionals
Marketing & Sales Professionals


Buying & Merchandising

Buying & Merchandising

1) Introduction to Data Analytics
2) Types of Data Analytics used across industries.
3) Descriptive Analytics
4) Predictive Analytics
5) Prescriptive Analytics
6) Typical Buying & Merchandising process for fashion brands
7) How Data Analytics is integrated into stocking decisions for various products
8) New models of product delivery and associated concerns – BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up in Store)

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1) Important data sources for ecommerce and traditional marketing
2) Tracking Sources of traffic
3) Using past data to inform future decisions- customer segmentation.
4) Customer Lifetime Value – explanation and examples
5) Customer churn to assess likelihood of customer leaving.
6) Cross-sell/Up-sell – what it is and how is it valuable.
7) Combining insight from Marketing & Merchandising

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