Risk Analytics

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It is important for businesses to assess risk in terms of probability of success or failure and evaluate their economic status. We help clients mitigate risk using our advanced analytics expertise by monitoring and predicting risk. With our deep understanding of the organization acquired through our fact-finding methodology, we measure quantitative and qualitative risk using our data driven solutions.

Our risk analytics helps clients in the following ways

  • Assist organizations in effective decision making, by monitoring and evaluating portfolio performance
  • Predict at-risk customers by analyzing customer behavior
  • Utilize machine learning capabilities to alert businesses ahead of time if there are any fraudulent transactions in Banking activity
  • For the insurance industry, employ our automated advanced statistical algorithm to determine false claims
  • For the credit-card industry, we help determine acquisition of less at-risk/higher retention customers, mitigate risk of fraudulent transactions, and identify credit risk customers

Case Studies

Case Study_RiskAnalytics_2Jan2018

Claims fraud detection management helped in detecting fraudulent claims for a leading health insurance company to reduce false claims

Health Insurance fraud goes beyond traditional rules-based fraud detection solutions, we leverage machine learning for seamless integration with your claims payment processes for improved recovery and prosecution efforts

Our anti-money laundering risk model helped in detecting suspicious transactions for a leading financial industry company to mitigate risk and improve compliance

Centralized data driven AML model was developed for worldwide implementation which spots suspicious activity and provides alerts by monitoring and reporting customer transaction in a user-friendly single view

Money Laundering Photo

Next Steps

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