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Marketing Analytics

Know your customer.

Drive new & repeat purchases.
Proactively address customer churn.
Interact more cost-effectively & efficiently to increase ROI & ROAS.

Inventory Analytics

Know most frequently sold products.

Increase profit margin by optimal pricing & product recommendations.
Forecast demand & maintain optimal inventory.

Store Analytics

Track & measure key performance indicators on regular basis to manage & mitigate portfolio risk & fraud.

Keep tab on cart abandonment, cancellations and refunds. 

About Shopisight

AI powered Analytics & Insights 

plug-and-play analytics solutions for stores on Shopify & Woocommerce as Order Management Systems and also using Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Facebook Page, Google Analytics, Instagram, Klavyio and other popular marketing tools used by businesses. 

Shopisight provides historical and real-time analytics and reports across operations, sales, inventory and marketing.

Monetize Data and Grow

Easy to use analytics and insights to drive profitability, know your most profitable customers, improve and maintain customer loyalty, increase repeat purchases, informed and scientific spend on marketing, improve operational efficiency for increased profitability.

Free Forever

For businesses getting started on data analytics journey


per month

  • 60 days of data analysis
  • 15 key metrics
  • RFM Segmentation
  • Executive Summary
Free Installation

What is required to use the app!

If you are on Shopify or Woocommerce we provide free trial for data collection over cloud and AI powered analytics on Customers, Orders & Products for 2 months data. 


Generate an API Key

If you are on Shopify you will be able to install our app on

For WooCommerce you will be able to create REST API under advanced section.

Share the API key with us.


Data Flow Set up 

Using the API key shared by you , we will setup historical and incremental data flow orchestration.


Consume Analtyics

Consume daily insights

Store Analytics – repeat purchases, discounts, cancel orders and sales by Products.

Customer Analytics – differentiate customers based on Recency, Frequency & Monetary framework and address them accordingly.

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